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May 31, 2010 / 1 note

A Twist of Fate

How ironic, this unexpected twist of events,

And though I never saw it coming,

I could foresee the problems it would present.

A twist of Fate, is the only explanation,

And though I don’t believe in Fate,

It seems like the only logical justification.

A broken heart, thanks to the whims of Fate,

And though I’d rather cry,

I’ll smile because surely better things await.

What a shame, the way this all turned out,

And though it hurts now,

I know I’m better off, without a doubt.

A hidden blessing, offered by Fate’s hand,

And though I don’t now,

With time, I’ll soon come to understand.

A new beginning, found at this end,

And though I didn’t before,

I’ve come to consider Fate as a friend.